Lister Wilson

Workville Shared Working Spaces Excels in Coworking Real Estate


Coworking spaces are gaining popularity with small businesses in many cities across the United States, and it’s clear to see why. Not only do business owners save money on the rent and upkeep of a brick and mortar building, but there are other advantages and benefits that even surpass working at home. When you work out of your home there is always the temptation to go to the refrigerator, quit work early or be distracted by family members and what they are doing.


Coworking spaces have the advantage of quantity so that quality is improved as a result. In the beginning, it was the millennials who spearheaded the shared office space movement, and they thrived. This led more entrepreneurs to try the concept for their own business, and they found success. High-speed Internet is typically available, isolation is eliminated, there are no utility bills, and rent includes many amenities depending on the workspace community you are in.


The most significant benefit is that workers are much happier. A load of extra costs and maintenance has been lifted and they are in a professional atmosphere which encourages them to focus on their business. Workers are more creative, have a more balanced lifestyle and work more efficiently.


Workville NYC Excels in Coworking Space


Workville is a community of professionals and talented start-ups who share their workspace in Midtown West in NYC, and it is coworking space at its best. This workspace occupies the entire 21st floor of a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway, and along with the luxury environment, they offer private offices, open coworking, and dedicated spaces. As a delightful bonus, there are three terraces that allow for private conversations and outdoor sitting.


Most of the amenities are included in the cost of the rent, and they encourage new owners to submit their own bids. From their Manhattan offices for rent, Workville is open and available for workers 24/7, provides mail access, fresh coffee, high-speed internet, private local phone service, daily office cleaning and access to printing. With a lounge and café, there is plenty of room to take a breather and network with other tenants.