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Who Is Brian Torchin And What Are His Interests

Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional who works at a healthcare staffing solutions firm. He is actually a managing partner at the firm. His company offers career consultation services and search services for job seekers who want to work in the healthcare industry. His company, HCRC Staffing, has a client base of 200 and he works with a number of enterprises involved in healthcare, which includes urgent care centers and private practices.

Torchin is not only a businessman, but he is a chiropractor and has a strong interest in medicine. In fact, he became interested in medicine when he attended the University of Delaware. That is also where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Eventually he earned his chiropractic degree. The businessman still practices medicine, and he uses his experience in physical therapy and chiropractics to provide high quality care to patients.

Torchin’s Interests
Torchin is a very busy person. Asides from his day to day duties associated with running his company, he enjoys writing or blogging. In fact, he is known for consistently publishing articles on his company’s blog. His posts cover various topics, which include things such as making online marketing easier or the top interview questions that should be asked. Other topics he has covered include tips on how to hire excellent employees.

He is a caring person and a smart businessman, which is why his company is the success it is today. If anyone ever has the chance to do business with him, then they should.  Check out the full story on BitsyLink.