Lister Wilson

Who Inspires Doe Deere and How She Incorporates That Into Lime Crime

Inspiration is the reason most things are able to be accomplished. As a business, Lime Crime would be nothing without its inspired CEO, Doe Deere. While she tends to march to the beat of her own drum and aside from her general love of vibrancy and originality, Deere obtains inspiration from other people and unique aspects of life. So, who are these people, what are these elements, and how did they establish everybody’s favorite company?

Doe Deere’s Colorful Inspirations

Art inspires Deere, that comes through on Lime Crime’s Facebook, and the CEO has a history of always experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures. Aside from that, the Queen of Unicorns claims to obtain inspiration from everybody. Her understanding that all people are unique allows her to use that as an influence for her company and all of its elements. She claims that certain people are “visionaries with fearless senses of style.”  You see as much in the products she makes available on UrbanOutfitters.

Even a Queen obtains inspiration from other forces to be reckoned with, and Deere exclaims her love for Dita von Teese on a daily basis. Other individuals, like her Instagram friends, Elena and Stella Rose, allow Deere to remain grounded, humble, and all about being as original as she can be. People seem to forget that makeup did not fuel Deere’s start, but she used to design dresses and was even a musician, after all.

To finalize, using others as inspiration is beautiful. Every person in the world is influenced by another, so it is important to recognize who brings something positive to the table, and use that as a means to live your life each day. Doe Deere is a stellar female entrepreneur that teaches others to be themselves on the daily, and her selfless attention to love is admirable, undoubtedly.