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WEN Cleansing Conditioner and Fine Hair

Finding haircare products that work well on fine hair is often a challenge. Lately, the WEN hair by Chaz product line is receiving a lot of buzz and is being touted as a great option for those with thin and/or fine hair. WEN is an all-in-one haircare product that is formulated for all hair types including the ever challenging fine hair.
Chaz Dean has been a longtime celebrity stylist in Hollywood, and designed the WEN formulation at Chaz Dean Studio. Chaz is continuously improving the WEN haircare line, and introducing products that help his clients look and feel beautiful. Chaz has a great passion for natural product ingredients which is why the WEN haircare line is completely free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals. In addition to his haircare line and salon, Chaz continues to style his many famous clients for fashion and award shows. Chaz sells his creations exclusively on eBay.

A recent article on Bustle follows the author during her week long trial period of the WEN by Chaz Fig Cleansing Conditioner. Emily McClure has fine hair and was interested to see how WEN would work for her. The Fig product that was tested in the Bustle article is not available at present; Pomegranate, Sweet Almond Mint, and Lavender are the current formulations.

So how did the fine hair experiment go? The seven day test went very well, and Emily noticed a lot of increased shine to her hair, and was even complimented by her friends! On the first day of the trial she commented that it felt like she simply had more hair. On Day 3, she integrated her usual styling products to see how they worked with WEN, and had positive results. In fact, she is planning to continue using WEN by Chaz and is looking forward to having shiny hair that feels thicker! Visit the website: Follow Wen hair!