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Todd Lubar: Investing in Real Estate

Todd Lubar is celebrated as one of the individuals who introduced real estate to America. He has continued to support the sector through investment and working in various companies involved in financing individuals and companies in property building. He identifies his important attributes that have driven his success in business while speaking to Ideamensch. Todd has over twenty years working in banking and offering loans to investors and persons interested in owning homes. He describes his motive for starting his own ventures as the desire to help other people acquire their desired homes and providing them with relief in financing the investments.

Lubar also talks about the components that have enabled his company grow and provide him with great net worth. He has been privileged to work at several mortgage companies that have instilled in him the needed skills and knowledge to excel in the field. He is however categorical on the importance of hard work for success. He attributes his business growth to hard work and urges entrepreneurs to emulate the art. Todd mentions giving up is the enemy of growth in startups since these ventures are faced by many challenges. He describes himself as a visionary leader who aspires to grow his company by taking care of the needs of employees.

Todd graduated with a BA in speech communication at Syracuse University in 1995. He had learnt the skills of effective communication to accelerate personal and business growth through fostering relationships with employees and colleagues. He was able to use this background as a starting point to his career development. Todd started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation dealing with loans. He worked for five years before leaving to join Legacy Financial group.

Todd believed in achieving higher heights in his career and was dedicated to undertaking his roles and responsibilities in the most efficient an effective manner. At Crestar, he made huge contributions by growing the revenue. He later joined Charter Funding as a senior vice president, which was a great accomplishment in his career. Todd worked until 2007 when he left to start Legendary Investment. Visit his website