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Todd Lubar- Business and Mortgage Mogul

In 1995, Todd Lubar entered into the real estate world with his love of the business. He knew from the time he was little that he wanted to make a name for himself and that he would do anything in his power to be something that many other people couldn’t. He entered into the world with a job in the real estate world with Crestar Mortgage corp. He was determined to learn anything there was to know and for this reason, he quickly moved into the conservative world of banking. This experience led him to develop life long connections with agents in the real estate world, CPA’s as well as insurance agents. All of these relationships would help him to become a name in the business that most people know.

It didn’t take very long for Todd to make more advancements in the world of banking and mortgages. In 1999, Todd landed a position with the Legacy Financial Group. From there he would open the business, Legendary Properties LLC. This is a company that focuses on residential development. In 2003, Todd went on to open Charter Funding, this subsidiary is one of the biggest mortgage companies that is privately held within the United States. Since he was able to do all of this, he decided to expand once again, even further.

According to, when the market started to struggle in 2008, Todd opted to look into starting other businesses. One of those businesses was a demolition business where he used a number of larger contractors around the country to start demolitions. It wasn’t too long before he begun getting involved in the scrap metal business and so on. He currently is living in Maryland and also has 2 children. He spends a good amount of time traveling so that he can see other places and see what else he might want to invest in.

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