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The Central Regional Mobility Authority; Offering transit solutions

CTRMA is an independent body that was formed in 2002 to ensure that transportation within the cities is fast and easy. The Central Regional Mobility Authority employs various skills and expertise to ensure the development of various roads in various parts of the country. CTRMA has made advancement each year and given solutions to major transit issues in various regions of the country. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The organization remains relevant amidst technological advances that affect the industry directly. The organization prides itself in offering exclusive solutions. It gives the correct and lasting solutions. According to Crunchbase, the Central Regional Mobility Authority has solved most of the challenging issues in the industry. This has given it a solid ground of influencing the industry as a market leader.

Depending on strategic teamwork

The company offers the best advice on transportation issues and implements the solutions. This makes it a trustworthy company. The different teams are allocated different roles that work in tandem and produce expected results. It has teams that develop excellent solutions by the use of technological advances along aside other strategies like the use of numerical estimation.


This shows that the organization is founded on teamwork to generate results. This has enabled it to remain relevant in the industry. The different teams in the departments are headed by skilled team managers who are in a position to enable every team member to produce the best results. This is achieved by tapping into their strengths and produce the best of their potential.

CTRMA is founded under teamwork. The Central Regional Mobility Authority works together with different stakeholders to develop easy and fast solutions. Some of the primary influencers of transport in the world including Uber have worked with the team to ensure that transport is improved and is used as a tool of development for different cities.

Competence Leadership

Another key foundation at CTRMA besides teamwork is competent leadership. CTRMA is headed by Mike Heiligenstein who has a passion for transportation. Mike Heiligenstein sits on different boards to develop strategies that fit the current evolving needs of transport. Mike Heuligntein has served as a public official for more than two decades.

Mike is the president of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association. The several leadership positions empower him to work efficiently with sound skills and knowledge to influence the transport industry. The body delivers efficient and effective solutions to transportation issues.