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Stop Split Ends With Wen by Chaz

Women often face a daily hair care struggle of maintaining split end free hair. They often visit the salon month after month only to have a hairstylist tell them that they need another trim. These trims create healthy looking hair, but sometimes compromise the hair length goals women strive to attain. Cutting the hair on a monthly or weekly basis can have a detrimental effect on hair length goals. Many women feel they have no other alternative, however, due to the fact that they find split ends on a regular basis. To understand how to manage the difficulty of split ends, it is important to understand what causes split ends in the first place.

Split ends are actually one hair strand splitting in half (or in several pieces) to form a damaged hair strand. When hair strands split in two near the bottom of the hair, the strand actually becomes 87% more vulnerable and becomes very likely to break. This is why split ends are treated so seriously. If they go untreated, split ends can result in severe hair loss due to breakage and shedding. Because of the fragile nature of a hair that has been split, it is best to use a hair care product that is made with natural, gentle ingredients that can be directly sourced. Hair care lines like the Wen hair care line are incredible at nourishing hair that has been damaged by split ends and repairing the ends so that they are not further damaged.

In a recent review of the Sephora healthy hair care kit from Wen hair which was published by Bustle, a user described her experience with the brand as a great one that changed the texture of her hair in less than a week. WEN Hair by Chaz can be used after a hair cut to ensure that the hair is properly moisturized and does not incur any further damage. Wen hair is available online through the Amazon website.

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