Lister Wilson

Securus Technologies – Helping Prisoners And Public Safety Agencies In Many Different Ways Using Technology

Securus Technologies for years has been at the forefront of prison telecommunication industry in the United States. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and has offices in Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia as well to serve regional clients. The company offers a broad range of products and services to the law enforcement agencies as well as the prison inmates. The patients can use some services such as video visitation services, webmail, kiosks, money transfer, calling card, prepaid calling card, and more.



These services aim to make the life of the inmates inside the prison much better. It helps to modernize and reshape the incarceration experience as we have known for centuries. Such services are needed in modern times when each and every field and industry is going through a major transformation due to the technology.



Securus Technologies aims to use the technology in the right way to make the lives of the inmates better while also helping the law enforcement agencies to perform better. The products and services of the company help with crime prevention as well, which is essential in today’s volatile environment. Many of the times, even when the culprit is known, there is not sufficient evidence to convict him or her, and this is where the products and services of Securus Technologies prove to be instrumental.



I am excited about the recent publication of the press release by the company online, where it showcased the positive comments and feedback the company receives on a daily basis from thousands of its users. It is a good move to help more people know about how the company is helping bring positive change in the correctional space. As a customer for years of Securus Technologies, I am happy with their services and can’t press enough how it helps my husband and me in jail to keep alive our relationship.