Lister Wilson

Securus Technologies Fights Back In GTL Battle

In June 2016, I became aware of a battle between two competing video visitation for inmates over the technology each uses as they seek to dominate the industry. I believe Securus Technologies decided to fight back after a series of claims were made by the Global Tel Link organization that Securus states in a PR Newswire press release are untrue and have misled those who read an earlier GTL press release. There are a number of inaccuracies identified in the GTL article that Securus has been at pains to discuss and correct to make sure its own customers and investors get the truth about the claims made in a patent dispute between the two civil and criminal justice technology companies.


I have followed Securus Technologies for a number of years and I have noticed the company has been at the forefront of the development of video visitation technology for inmates in a range of prison environments, which are designed to provide a more secure and safer way of completing inmate visitations for a range of inmates, according to information I found onĀ Vimeo; the dispute with GTL finally made its way to a review by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board that Securus believes has brought the case to a temporary halt as a Texas Federal Court has placed a stay on either side moving forward with any claims. I was happy to see the security features that form the basis of the battle Securus Technologies believes it is wininng were not permitted to be patented and some aspects GTL hoped to patent were not included in a definite judgment. I was pleased to see Securus Technologies is preparing to return to court sometime in 2017 to fight for the justice the company believes will be served in the coming months.