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Sawyer Howit, The New Project Manager For Merriweather Group, 2017

Sawyer Howitt became Project Manager for Merriweather Group just this year, while maintaining attendance at University of California. His main job responsibilities include consulting others, conducting presentations, and creating complex spreadsheets supporting company functions on the executive level.

Sawyer Howitt is known for expanding brand and global markets. He is a supporter of new businesses. Sawyer urges other young entrepreneurs to work hard and it will pay off. As a project manager, he credits his success for knowing how important it is to not only to acquire new customers, but to maintain those customers. This is what is called brand loyalty. Other successful business managers may call this CRM (Customer relationship Management). Sawyer has experience with collaboration with business executives, and has helped change the way CRM is executed, by the use of e-marketing, and e-commerce. He has proven to be “a great asset to the company”, by showing knowledge about the companies goals and implementing effective strategies that all them to be achieved.

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In the article, Sawyer is described as a “nice” person, and knows the importance of social responsibility. He gives back to his community by mentoring others, giving to local charities, and fighting for women’s rights. He is especially focused on getting other young business minded individuals motivated into building their own small business. He shares advice with these individuals, ensuring them that they can start there own business without worrying about finances needed to get started. Sawyer encourages hard work and persistence. He warns others not to let intimidation and fear rob them from their full potential. He says that they should not “let age be a crutch”. In this statement, Sawyer insists that young talented people with the right skills should not hold back exemplifying their true potential. Sawyer believes that young people have an edge on today’s market. Something many companies are looking for.

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