Lister Wilson

Sam Tabar: The New Chief in Charge

Sam Tabar’s name is coming up a lot these days and for good reason. He’s doing a lot of wonderful things and growing his career to wonderful lengths. This is the result of hard-work, dedication, commitment, and putting in the extra effort. Recently, Sam Tabar was named Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund, which means he will be the one in charge of their strategy when it comes to fund management. In a recent article which was posted here, Sam was over the moon about the chance to make a real difference for this company. Considering his reputation and what he has accomplished so far, it would be foolish to doubt him.  In fact, Sam is still raving on Twitter about how much the new position means to him.

He knows it will be a team effort and he will lean on his team as he gets started. However, there is no doubt that he will pick things up right away and make some positive changes. Sam, from his years of experience, knows that it takes a team effort to get this right. One man cannot do it all. It’s too much on one person’s plate. However, he knows that with the senior leadership team, they can make the world environmentally healthy for everyone.

That’s the kind of the guy that Sam has always been and always will be: someone that looks out for others and looks out for the betterment of mankind. This is not his first rodeo as he has spent time looking over budget strategy for financial institutions. They wouldn’t trust this kind of job to just anyone. That shows what kind of reputation and staying power that he has when he is called on to do a job. He also worked for Bank of America, helping with endowments, foundations, pensions, fund of funds and family offices. The man has tipped his toes in many waters and has tons of experience to lean on, which will help him in this venture.

In addition to that, he also was a lawyer. It’s important to know the law and how to us it properly when needed. Needless to say, he is a jack of all trades and nothing is too big or too overwhelming for Sam Tabar. That’s why he earned this honor. It wasn’t give to him and it wasn’t handed to him. He earned it based on his resume, experience, and his reputation. Everyone is excited to see how this new role will change things for the better.