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Philanthropist Shah Offers Advice For Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Radio recently sat down and had a talk with Sanjay Shah. Entrepreneurial Podcast is a way that business and finance professionals can sit down and offer advice and guidance to those who wish to join their ranks as business owners and leaders. Mr. Shah is well qualified to speak on this show for not only the thirteen plus businesses he runs in London, but also for his work as founder of the charity Autism Rocks.

Mr Shah started his career in medicine but decided it was not right for him. He commenced a career in investment banking where he learned how to grow wealth and run a large corporation. He was facing layoff and decided to start his own company, Solo Capital. This brokerage began with four to five employees and now has more than 50.

In more recent years he is best known for his founding and work with Autism Rocks. This organization offers advice and information for families, parents, and patients who have autism. He feels that the most invaluable thing he can offer these individuals is the knowledge to know how to fight and tackle this disease.

His hope is that through the yearly concert proceeds, donations and information he can help researchers to find a cure for autism. He was most moved to help find a cure when his own son was diagnosed with the disease at the tender age of 4. Shah realized that while he had been donating money to help the cause, he did not really know much about autism or its secondary complications.

When asked in the interview about business in general and how to start one, he offered some sage advice. First and foremost is to never think that one has enough money. Something will always come up and expenses can get out of hand. Secondly he warns to not take on too much responsibility.

Shah warns that a business has many aspects and many chores to be done. No one person should try to tackle all of these responsibilities alone. Be sure to have a support system and some help when just getting started.