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Organo Gold Founder Bernardo Chua Announces New Rewards Program

Organo Gold announced their new, and widely appreciated, rewards program in December of 2015. The plan was designed to make it easier to expand the company throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. It allows retail customers and independent distributors to save money, have access to special deals and be provided with a customer service department and a support system.

Members in the plan, known as the Preferred Customer plan, are able to get additional discounts and exclusive rights to a number of Organo Gold products. The company currently offers health supplements, gourmet coffees and teas made from a special medicinal mushroom known as ganoderma. This ancient herb was unknown to many outside of Asia before Chua began using it to boost the health benefits of popular products like green tea.

Organo Gold was developed by marketing expert Bernardo Chua. The Philippine native began the company in 2008 and has expanded it into the 55th largest international direct selling business in the world. This honor was given in 2008 and is only one of the titles and awards the company has received. Chua has also been presented with two People’s Choice Awards and the Dangal ng Bayan Award.

Chua was already a business success by the time he decided to start Organo Gold. He used a multi-level marketing platform as the selling system in order to give people in developing countries the ability to create a successful career for themselves. His idea has helped people to build their own business while also offering a beneficial product to their client list.