Lister Wilson

New Hair with Wen by Chaz Dean

I always really wondered what it would be like to be one of those women with “great” hair. “Great” hair is the kind of hair that gets you cast in shampoo commercials, swinging your long, lustrous locks all over the place to the beat of really catchy music. Unfortunately, i was not blessed with TV commercial quality hair. My hair tends to be very oily and flat, so styling it and swinging it around haven’t been options for me.
I wasn’t ready to give up completely though, so I decided to try the WEN by Chaz Dean products I’d been reading about it on Guthy-Renker. These shampoo and conditioning products are an all in one treatment that Dean created for his salon clients. They were asking about haircare that was natural and made their hair more fluffy and easier to style, so he brought out these sweet smelling products.

The Chaz Dean line comes on the sephora beauty market in many scents and they are all wonderful. I decided to try Sweet Almond Mint. I followed the instructions and used a lot of product, washing every day for a week.

Wow! Chaz Dean is on to something. Within days my hair was lighter and shinier and fluffier. Friends commented on it. I feel like the belle of the ball!

Okay, I’m someone who gave up on her hair. I was finished. Now my hair has a new lease on life. Next time, i’m going to try the Lavender scent just to mix it up. Wow, my hair feels great!

Visit, the official product website.