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James Dondero Wears a Philanthropic Hat in Business

James Dondero’s career depicts persistence and charisma in not only professionalism but also charity and community development. Dondero is a business professional and a leader in nature. He currently serves Highland Capital Management as the co-founder and head cheerleader. What better describes his input in the firm is his ability to guide staff through excellent leadership strategies. For Dondero, Highland Capital Management is not only an office for financial help but community development as well. Visit his website at

Highland Capital Management

What happens at Highland Capital Management is something that most people wonder. At Highland Capital Management, Dondero initiates asset management services. Equity shares are just an additional service that he caters to in the company. Aside from that, the firm issues collateral loan services in addition to providing safe investment dockets through the management of distressed private equity. These are just a few of the services Highland Capital Management specializes in to ensure their clients get the best. As a registered investment company, Highland Capital Management provides a wide-based spectrum of credit strategies with the purpose of maintaining client’s businesses.

Leadership Roles

James Dondero’s roles at Highland Capital Management border the management of credit hedge funds and separate accounts. Perhaps his experiences in different firms contributed to his expertise at Highland Capital Management. James is a certified accountant whose academic credentials speak volumes about his ability to lead and offer viable investment advice to clients. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he majored in commerce and finance. He later advanced his education by acquiring a certificate in accounting and finance. That marked the onset of a flourishing career. Presently, he sits in board meetings and is in charge of making critical decisions. Read more about James Dondero on


James is not just a career executive in finance and accounts management. He understands the value of community development; hence, his focus on charity and community projects. James Dondero wears a philanthropic hat through partnerships that lead to donations. He has severally joined various companies to empower learning institutions and medical facilities. Through the prominent Highland Dallas Foundation, he has created a better future for the less fortunate in the community. His vision lies in bettering the lives of the people of Dallas.