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It Is Troy McQuagge All The Way At the One Planet Awards For 2016

The CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. is Troy McQuagge. The entire firm along with him is excited as the Gold Winner of the highly prestigious One Planetâ„  Awards gets announced. It is important to realize here that these are highly coveted awards as they are premier awards that are given on a global level.These awards are honoring professional excellence. This can be in any industry and from any place around the world. This gives a fair idea about the kind of competition that these awards offer. Hence winning this award is a highly prestigious feat for anybody. In addition, any kind of organization from anywhere around the world can submit its nominations. There are no restrictions regarding the size or kind of firm. This means that public, as well as private companies, can submit nominations. Also, profit- earning or non-profit is equally eligible to apply. Large companies, small companies as well as new start-ups share these eligibility criteria.

It was in 2010 that Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Inc. He immediately set to work as he wanted to turn his company. His first focus was on re-building the distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. This was a low lying fruit for the company. Hence he started with his work here.Troy McQuagge was able to achieve stupendous success as he re-tooled Advisors. This was the main reason behind his election as the President and CEO of this company. This promotion came about in 2014. It was during Troy’s tenure that USHEALTH Group, Inc. was able to achieve unprecedented growth as well as profitability. Do note that achieving success in the health insurance market is not easy as it is a highly competitive industry.Find him on Facebook:

But Troy McQuagge has never been the one to give up. It is Troy’s leadership skills and strategic mindset that has helped the USHEALTH Group, Inc. to achieve this kind of success and growth.With this award, the entire company is elated as this award makes each one of them a winner. This can even be considered as a testament since the company is continually committed to resolving various healthcare problems of its customers. This is being achieved by providing them highly innovative coverage. In fact, this coverage grows as the healthcare needs of its clients grow.These One Planet Awards are meant to recognize companies for their professional achievements as well as excellence. There are a number of categories in which these awards are given. These are executives, teams, besides new products and another one for services, PR, in addition to Marketing, along with Corporate Communications. Hence the competition is tough and winning anything here is a true achievement.