Lister Wilson

Is Trump’s a Danger to USA?

Reputation Management May be Needed
Donald Trump has been called a disgrace along with numerous other names recently. A story in posed the view that Trump is risking the reputation of America as a whole. As for his own reputation, it would be safe to mention that a boost would benefit it right about now. Along with the name calling of Donald Trump, there have even been some accusations aimed in his direction. Reputation management anyone? Trump has been accused of mistreating a reporter. Some aggressive behavior had been spotted. Heated moments are happening everywhere. As for Donald Trump himself, he denies the accusations even though many had seen the perceived mistreatment with their own eyes.

Time For Change
It may be safe to say that it is now time for a few changes. Hearsay and finger pointing is not helping anyone including Donald Trump. People are starting to question the value of insulting and accusing. Is it time for everyone in the world to stop laughing and tarnishing each others reputation?

Restoring Good Reputations
In the eyes of Donald Trump, America should not be viewed as a laughingstock. Donald believes that the entire United States should not be viewed as a joke. Good reputations must indeed be restored. The foolish jokes and unnecessary laughing must come to an end. Matters must be taken seriously. Idle hearsay without facts are harming reputations. The has stated that America is not to be viewed as a laughing matter.