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How EOS Lip Balm made it to the Top

Many people are familiar with the cute little lip balm spheres created by EOS, as they come in a variety of pretty colors and fun flavors. In fact, EOS has widened their product range to include shaving creams as well, allowing the body to be soft and smooth, too! However, what some people may be unaware of is how EOS became so popular at such a fast rate. After all, EOS lip balm is a must-have item that still has a place in women’s beauty routines.

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) recognized that when searching for a lip balm, each option seemed to hold the same characteristics, including a similar product shape, flavor, and cost. Wanting to be able to compete with these lip balm brands, EOS kept their price similar to the pre-existing lip balm brands, but set out to make big changes in flavors and product design. Creating an innovative sphere of lip balm in colors that were noticeably different, as well as flavors that were so unique they couldn’t be passed up, EOS lip balm became a beauty product that every woman just had to have. Having intense quality control while creating their formula with organic ingredients, EOS lip balms were re-purchased on Racked again and again, making their product one of the best-selling ones in the beauty market. The secret isn’t much of a secret, as the company found ways to make a change in a pre-existing market. It appears that female consumers crave beauty products that are effective, cutely packaged, and of course priced reasonably for all demographics.

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