Lister Wilson

Flavio Maluf Has The Leadership Skills To Help Eucatex Grow

Eucatex is a building supply company that has sold many of the parts that were used to help Brazil get ready for the World Cup and the Olympics at He is one of the people who has been a part of the family company since he was born, but he took an interesting path to help the company become as powerful and strong as it is today. Eucatex is getting bigger with the help of a lot of new initiatives that all come from the mind of Flavio Maluf.

The Eucatex brand is one that people have heard of in Brazil. They will see the advertising for the brand everywhere, and the people that like Eucatex are now able to buy the brand in stores to renovate their own homes on It is something that people can use because they are growing their own homes, and businesses can do the same thing at retail if they want.

Flavio Maluf was asked to go to university to make sure that he got the best education he could get, but he did not want to take the same path that other people in his family had taken. Flavio Maluf has an engineering degree, but he wanted to work in the banking industry to see if he could learn about finance. Learning about finance made him a much better potential leader before he came back to Eucatex to work in management. Maluf just waited to rise to the top of the company, and now he can use his engineering degree to help the company make new products.

The career of Flavio Maluf is interesting and various. He has the knowledge it takes to make new building products, and he has the business skills to market them. He is going to make sure that the company can make new products for the people while helping build new projects in Brazil.