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Evolution of Smooth: Sensuality and Health In A Spherical Lip Balm

Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips at their most desirable, but you’ve got to choose the right option. There are two main qualities you’re looking for your lips to retain: healthiness and sensuousness. Sensuousness is often tied to “smooth”. The smoother your lips, the more sensuous they become. Health is tied to fullness. When your lips are full, they are like ripe raspberries waiting to mingle with other smooth and healthy lips. If you can get your lips incredibly smooth and incredibly full, you will be exceptionally irresistible.
EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has recently developed a new line of lip balms in multicolored spherical applicators. Complete with a variety of differing delectable flavors, these balms come in several families to help you remain your sexiest. There are five main balm families. There’s Smooth Sticks, which are an old way of packaging this new lip balm. Then there’s Shimmer Smooth, Visibly Soft Smooth, Organic Smooth, and Active Protection Smooth. See for the variety of products from Evolution of Smooth.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres give your lips a sensuous look that has a slight degree of moisture silhouetting it. Your lips look like they need a kiss right now. It’s a great balm for a night on the town or the club. Meanwhile, Visibly Soft Smooth has a slightly more elegant caste to it, and is designed to evince feminine vulnerability and beauty simultaneously. Additionally, there’s a slight elegance. Next, Organic Smooth gives your lips a naturally sensuous, full appearance that has no hint of “putting on airs”, as the antiquated saying goes. Last but not least there’s Active Protection Smooth. If you’re in a harsh environment low on moisture, it’s hard to beat this formula. Additionally, if your body is naturally dry, this can at the very least help make your lips stand out. For more info, visit EOS Linked In page.