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Every Friday is a holiday? Now it is, but it’s not what you think.

Venezuela is now considering to make every Friday a holiday for workers so that they can save money on electricity for the month of April and May. Workers in Venezuela can now stay at home on Friday at least for the next 60 days. According to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, this decision was made because of the drought that has caused problems in the power plants.

This is really sad to hear for expats like Danilo Diaz Granados, considering here in the United States, this is not something we really worry about as a nation. Already, Venezuelans are suffering from economic turmoils and now this. This news is very heartbreaking and devastating to Diaz Granados.

What I want to know is how come this is something that is not in the mainstream media here in the United States? As neighboring country, I think we should provide our support for our fellow neighbors by possibly providing solar panels for homes or for neighborhoods in order to help decrease the use of water for power.


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  1. I really hope that Venezuela can get past this hard times and get back to its feet soon. In a lovely country like Venezuela, those people really do not deserve to suffer like this. It can take a while for uk essays to get the benefit of doubt from these ones.

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