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End Citizens United Battle With The Big Money 20

When the Supreme Court made its ruling in 2010 regarding the Citizens United v. F.E.C., it was very likely that there would be some type of negative response from the public. This case further enforced the position that corporations hold where they are considered to be people, and it opened some doors for special interest groups to utilize a large amount of capital during elections. Ultimately, parties who oppose the decision worry that there will be politicians that can be bought and then represents only the interest that they are being paid for.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that serves the purpose of its name. Since it is a basic PAC, the largest donation it accepts is $5,000 as opposed to the donations that modern-day politicians have been known to accept. The organization gathers over 3 million members who have similarly aligned goals.

One of the latest endeavors that the group has been working on deals with the “Big Money 20”. This is a list that the organization has comprised and it contains 20 Politicians that are the “worst of the worst” in Congress, according to End Citizens United. The reason for their selection is caused by them taking large donations in the past. Those donations often caused them to change their personal views and goals and to basically throw away their own constituents. They would then start backing up their big donors and any goal that those donors might have in mind. The list has people like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Republican Tom MacArthur of New Jersey, Republican Peter Roskam of Illinois, Republican Claudia Tenney of New York, and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Ends Citizen United and other PAC aim to raise $35 million in 2018, which is 40% increase when compared to how much was spent on 2016 election. Nonetheless, many experts claim that it will be difficult to affect positions of these 20 politicians. The main factor that encourages companies like this one is the fact that there are millions of people nationwide who agree with its main goal. Although it will be difficult to prevent the re-election of the aforementioned 20, more people are coming together to disapprove large donations that affect the way politicians maneuver.

This organization is located in Washington and the main mission of it falls close to the idea of the “Big Money 20”. The President Tiffany Muller leads the effort to fix the United States’ “rigged” political system. The means to this end include electing campaign finance reform leaders as well as raising awareness of this issue to the mainstream, national level. The group is affiliated with the Democrat party that they believe is closer to their views.

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