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ClassDojo Creating A New And Improved Teaching Community

The creators of ClassDojo are Welsh-born Sam Chaudhary and his friend Liam Don. Sam Chaudhary has a bachelors degree in mathematical economics and practical teaching. Sam decided to leave his home town to travel to the United States of America on a tourist visa. Once in Palo Alto he launched an ed-tech startup which we all know as ClassDojo. This was done in 2011 and the vision in the beginning for what the platform was meant to stand for was up in the air.

Liam Don when designing the application started from the ground up. They interviewed many educators and gained many insights into possible short falls of the existing teaching experience. They were housed in a small single room in Palo Alto and began working and sleeping in opposite corners of the room. Their number one question which was their driving force was, “What’s the worst part of teaching?”.

The rest is history as the 5 year mark has already rolled around and ClassDojo is one of the most extraordinary teaching platform on the market. They have had exceptional growth over the last 5 years which has seen them enter into 2 out of every 3 schools in the United States. The ClassDojo application is very easy to download from both the iStore and the Google Play Store, free of charge. The application offers a social media community where teachers can upload schoolwork, photos, videos and many more media which allows parents to take part in their child’s learning experience.

The head of communications at ClassDojo, Lindsay McKinley told reporters that millions of users have downloaded the ClassDojo application. She did not give exact numbers of downloads as she said may give other application creators a competitive advantage. The application provides a great platform for communication but many believe it has completely revolutionized the teaching experience from the ground up. This is thanks to the innovative staff at ClassDojo and the vast amount of venture capital funding they have received from donors from around the country. A total of $21 million has since been raised which has gone back into further improving upon the already fantastic platform.

Users of the ClassDojo platform can look forward to many more cool features that will be implemented as the application gets updated in the future. Sam Chaudhary ensures great things to come.


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