Lister Wilson

Picture Perfect Brown Modelling Agency

What is Brown Modeling Agency? Brown Modeling Agency is a merge between two of the region’s largest talent agencies; Wilhemina Brown and Heyman Talent South. This makes them one of the most well rounded fashion agencies around, because it offers a theatrical and commercial division. The Brown Modeling Agency came to be back in spring of 2010. Its launch party not only had a huge turnout, but it also featured a runway show with one of Austin’s best designers. Not only is it one of the few agencies in Texas, but it’s also one of the only full-service agencies in Austin.

That all sounds fine and dandy right? So you might be wondering, “Well how do they stay successful? Who’s running the show?”. The President, Justin Brown, is very well rounded when it comes to the fashion industry. He modeled as well as worked at a model agency prior to Brown Modeling Agency. In college, he studied business management. So I think it’s safe to say this guy knows what he’s doing. When he worked at the modeling agency before Brown Modeling Agency, he trained models and either found them jobs or graduated them to the big time, which he still kind of continues to do at Brown agency. To me, it appears like they treat their clients like family. They are constantly promoting them and their 4th of July party was huge and all their clients were there enjoying themselves.

Do I have you hooked in joining? Are you wondering how you join? They have open calls every Thursday between 3 and 4pm at 100 Congress Avenue, suite 100. A couple things to bring would be, a resume and a few pictures like a portfolio. They say the pictures don’t have to be taken professionally. So don’t worry about spending a lot of money to have pictures taken for your portfolio. If you aren’t sure you can make the call, you can also submit online. Let them find a fit for you. If you want to see some samples of success or work, you can check them out on Facebook at Brown agency, Instagram at brown agency or Twitter at brown agency ATX.