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Todd Lubar: Investing in Real Estate

Todd Lubar is celebrated as one of the individuals who introduced real estate to America. He has continued to support the sector through investment and working in various companies involved in financing individuals and companies in property building. He identifies his important attributes that have driven his success in business while speaking to Ideamensch. Todd has over twenty years working in banking and offering loans to investors and persons interested in owning homes. He describes his motive for starting his own ventures as the desire to help other people acquire their desired homes and providing them with relief in financing the investments.

Lubar also talks about the components that have enabled his company grow and provide him with great net worth. He has been privileged to work at several mortgage companies that have instilled in him the needed skills and knowledge to excel in the field. He is however categorical on the importance of hard work for success. He attributes his business growth to hard work and urges entrepreneurs to emulate the art. Todd mentions giving up is the enemy of growth in startups since these ventures are faced by many challenges. He describes himself as a visionary leader who aspires to grow his company by taking care of the needs of employees.

Todd graduated with a BA in speech communication at Syracuse University in 1995. He had learnt the skills of effective communication to accelerate personal and business growth through fostering relationships with employees and colleagues. He was able to use this background as a starting point to his career development. Todd started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation dealing with loans. He worked for five years before leaving to join Legacy Financial group.

Todd believed in achieving higher heights in his career and was dedicated to undertaking his roles and responsibilities in the most efficient an effective manner. At Crestar, he made huge contributions by growing the revenue. He later joined Charter Funding as a senior vice president, which was a great accomplishment in his career. Todd worked until 2007 when he left to start Legendary Investment. Visit his website

Flavio Maluf Has The Leadership Skills To Help Eucatex Grow

Eucatex is a building supply company that has sold many of the parts that were used to help Brazil get ready for the World Cup and the Olympics at He is one of the people who has been a part of the family company since he was born, but he took an interesting path to help the company become as powerful and strong as it is today. Eucatex is getting bigger with the help of a lot of new initiatives that all come from the mind of Flavio Maluf.

The Eucatex brand is one that people have heard of in Brazil. They will see the advertising for the brand everywhere, and the people that like Eucatex are now able to buy the brand in stores to renovate their own homes on It is something that people can use because they are growing their own homes, and businesses can do the same thing at retail if they want.

Flavio Maluf was asked to go to university to make sure that he got the best education he could get, but he did not want to take the same path that other people in his family had taken. Flavio Maluf has an engineering degree, but he wanted to work in the banking industry to see if he could learn about finance. Learning about finance made him a much better potential leader before he came back to Eucatex to work in management. Maluf just waited to rise to the top of the company, and now he can use his engineering degree to help the company make new products.

The career of Flavio Maluf is interesting and various. He has the knowledge it takes to make new building products, and he has the business skills to market them. He is going to make sure that the company can make new products for the people while helping build new projects in Brazil.

Norman Pattiz and The Beyond Darkness Podcast

The new trending podcast, “Beyond the Darkness”, explores the paranormal in a refreshing yet creative way. The release of the podcast was announced by Norman Pattiz, chairman and founder of PodcastOne, the largest advertiser-oriented podcast platform in America. This is a new show on Chris Jericho’s podcast platform that operates under the wing of Podcast One. The Podcast features entertaining and enlightening conversations involving reputable researchers who challenge your thoughts on ghouls, ghosts, monster encounters, angels, aliens, demons, miracles, and mysteries. The podcast is hosted by radio hosts Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. According to reports, new episodes will air on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes every Monday.


Norman Pattiz Speaks Out About Beyond Darkness


Norman Pattiz acknowledged that Chris, the WWE star, was one of the icons at PodcastOne network. He further remarked that he was sure Jericho’s Network would soon be more than wrestling stuff. Chris has already brought comedy, and is now venturing into paranormal activities with his new release, “Beyond the Darkness”.


Chris Jericho Comments About His New Podcast


Chris Jericho was quoted saying he was stoked and a bit scared to declare the inclusion of Beyond the Darkness to the Jericho Network. He noted that, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are part of the broadcasting crew, and attract a large following which trusts and believes in their content. Jericho was hopeful that his paranormal edition would grow the audience of his podcast network.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of Podcast One. With over 40 years in radio syndication, Norman also established Westwood One, becoming the largest provider of sports, traffic programming, and entertainment in U.S.A. Westwood One owned NFL Football, CBS News, Super Bowl, CNN Radio, among other syndicated music and talk programs. Norman established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 to produce and distribute quality programs. PodcastOne was introduced two years later, and is America’s top audio programming producer. Currently, Podcast One features the likes of Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Larry King, and Chris Jericho.


Pattiz has worked for the Broadcasting Board of Governors under President Clinton, and also under President Bush. The Board oversees all non-military broadcasts in America including Voice of America, Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Europe. Pattiz was also responsible for airing America’s Arabic radio and television programmes to the Middle East nations. He also promoted Farsi language to Iran, and was able to capture an audience in excess of 40 million.


Pattiz has received numerous awards including the famous Giants of Broadcasting Award, a product by the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman is the chair of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. Norman also participates in the Pacific Council on International Relations.


Is Trump’s a Danger to USA?

Reputation Management May be Needed
Donald Trump has been called a disgrace along with numerous other names recently. A story in posed the view that Trump is risking the reputation of America as a whole. As for his own reputation, it would be safe to mention that a boost would benefit it right about now. Along with the name calling of Donald Trump, there have even been some accusations aimed in his direction. Reputation management anyone? Trump has been accused of mistreating a reporter. Some aggressive behavior had been spotted. Heated moments are happening everywhere. As for Donald Trump himself, he denies the accusations even though many had seen the perceived mistreatment with their own eyes.

Time For Change
It may be safe to say that it is now time for a few changes. Hearsay and finger pointing is not helping anyone including Donald Trump. People are starting to question the value of insulting and accusing. Is it time for everyone in the world to stop laughing and tarnishing each others reputation?

Restoring Good Reputations
In the eyes of Donald Trump, America should not be viewed as a laughingstock. Donald believes that the entire United States should not be viewed as a joke. Good reputations must indeed be restored. The foolish jokes and unnecessary laughing must come to an end. Matters must be taken seriously. Idle hearsay without facts are harming reputations. The has stated that America is not to be viewed as a laughing matter.

Philanthropist Shah Offers Advice For Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Radio recently sat down and had a talk with Sanjay Shah. Entrepreneurial Podcast is a way that business and finance professionals can sit down and offer advice and guidance to those who wish to join their ranks as business owners and leaders. Mr. Shah is well qualified to speak on this show for not only the thirteen plus businesses he runs in London, but also for his work as founder of the charity Autism Rocks.

Mr Shah started his career in medicine but decided it was not right for him. He commenced a career in investment banking where he learned how to grow wealth and run a large corporation. He was facing layoff and decided to start his own company, Solo Capital. This brokerage began with four to five employees and now has more than 50.

In more recent years he is best known for his founding and work with Autism Rocks. This organization offers advice and information for families, parents, and patients who have autism. He feels that the most invaluable thing he can offer these individuals is the knowledge to know how to fight and tackle this disease.

His hope is that through the yearly concert proceeds, donations and information he can help researchers to find a cure for autism. He was most moved to help find a cure when his own son was diagnosed with the disease at the tender age of 4. Shah realized that while he had been donating money to help the cause, he did not really know much about autism or its secondary complications.

When asked in the interview about business in general and how to start one, he offered some sage advice. First and foremost is to never think that one has enough money. Something will always come up and expenses can get out of hand. Secondly he warns to not take on too much responsibility.

Shah warns that a business has many aspects and many chores to be done. No one person should try to tackle all of these responsibilities alone. Be sure to have a support system and some help when just getting started.