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Boraie Development Channels Funds towards Sponsoring Youths at the Stage Theatre

Boraie Development is a company rooted in New Jersey and aims at offering real estate services majorly on managing their clients’ property. They also engage in urban development, marketing of their property and selling them to their clients. The company has some the best contractors, financial advisors, and architects who ensure that their clients are well served without any delays. This corporation is held, operated and managed by Omar Boraie and his sons. Together they have achieved so much in the property market with some of their latest projects being The Aspire located in New Brunswick. Omar, the former president, and chief executive officer retired and passed the leadership of the company unto his sons. Check out Fundacity to know more.


Sam Boraie ensured that he positioned the company at a place where it would get as many investors and projects as possible to simplify the managerial work for his sons. He also developed many parts of New Brunswick that no one thought would rise to become so urbanized like the rest of the cities in the world. These favorable developments were majorly put forward to help to develop the city and to avail more offices for businesses.


Boraie Development volunteered to sponsor the State Theatre which was back with their Free Summer Movies Series. This was published in New Jersey Stage article. These anticipated movies included Aladdin, Despicable, Frozen, The Extra-Terrestrial just to mention a few. These films were available in theatres from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm with free tickets. This was an excellent opportunity for young people and their families to have a 3D experience with so much fun. The luxurious theatres are fitted with large and comfortable seats that can accommodate a large number of people with spectacular views. Visit for more.


Hiam Boraie who is the current deputy chief executive officer of Boraie Development said that they were more than thrilled to prolong a helping hand in bringing joy to the young generation. Other companies such as Provident Bank Foundation who also donated funds towards sponsoring the fun even also uttered the same sentiments. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


The deputy executive officer of The State Theater was more than grateful to have had such an excellent opportunity to air such thrilling movies to their viewers. She also appreciated the philanthropy portrayed by Boraie Development and other companies that sponsored the event.


Boraie Development is therefore destined to thrive more and more in the property business for offering to fund such events helps in marketing the company and its excellent projects.



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Omar Boraie seeks to transform Newark into high-end market

Omar Boraie has made a name for himself as vice-president of Boraie Development, one of New Brunswick, New Jersey’s largest real estate developers. As one of the key players in New Brunswick’s revitalization, Boraie has become a widely respected figure, well-known as a visionary and talented developer.

Now, Boraie is setting his sights on a new city. In a report by NJ Biz, he seeks to accomplish the same feat that he managed to pull off a New Brunswick. Only this time, he’s chosen an even more challenging locale.

Newark, New Jersey has long been a downtrodden and poverty-stricken city. There’s not been a single high rise building constructed since 1962. Boraie seeks to change all that, with a new project called 1 Riverview that will be a 23-story, 311-foot glass and steel skyscraper with mixed-use floorspace.

But the project has proven to be quite a challenge. After being laughed out of meetings with various bankers, Boraie had to seek alternative means to finance the project. He went to a number of private investors but ultimately settled on one of Newark’s most famous residents. Shaquille O’Neal, the famous actor, rap star and basketball legend, has long been an activist on behalf of his hometown of Newark. Boraie approached O’Neill about the project idea and O’Neill was receptive. The two quickly mashed and formed a partnership that would see the first skyscraper built in Newark since the early sixties.

After experiencing a number of political hurdles, the project has finally gotten underway. One Riverview is expected to be completed sometime in the spring of 2018. It will be the most luxurious condominium complex ever built in Newark, and it will provide homes to hundreds of Newark’s hippest and most prominent citizens.

As part of the deal, O’Neill retained options on the penthouse suite. He also got a sizable ownership stake on the $60 million project. If everything goes according to plan, Boraie Development will have pulled off another magical feat, and will have revitalized another one of America’s lost metropolises.

Although many scoff at such ambition, Boraie Development has a long track record of pulling off just such feats. View the Boraie Development company profile on Bloomberg.

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