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Roberto Santiago’s Aim for Success

Every year people flood Brazil for many different reasons. One of the reasons people flood Brazil is their premium malls. One of the most popular malls in the state of Paraiba is the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed by Roberto Santiago in 1987. The mall had its grand opening 1989. Santiago’s mall has served the people of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba very well over the years.

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. Santiago has a lifetime of knowledge about Joao Pessoa. He attended the local schools and colleges. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He has built two malls in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira and Mangeira Shopping Mall have helped employ, educate, and entertain thousands of natives. Roberto Santiago also has other businesses that employee Joao Pessoa natives. He owns a cartonnage company that produces and sells cartons made of cardboard. He was able to buy the property for the mall using his profit from the cartonnage company.

The Manaira Shopping Mall has many features that contribute to it being a tourist magnet including a gym, college, theater, concert hall, financial institutions, stores, food court, and arcade. Manaira Shopping has so many options that the young and the old can be satisfied. When Roberto Santiago was building the mall, he made sure to include all the things that he thoroughly enjoys doing. The mall was designed to be a one-stop shop mall. Everything that you could need is in the Manaira Shopping Mall. There is no longer a need to stop ten places to get the things that you need.

Many features have caused people to gravitate towards it, but the Domus Hall is the most popular. The Domus Hall is fully equipped with the best sound in all of Brazil. Artist in Brazil, as well as other countries, go to the Domus Hall to have concerts. The Domus Hall is able to hold 10,000 people standing and 4,000 people sitting. The Domus Hall is a trendy place where people have shows, but the Domus Hall is also used for many other public events.

Santiago wanted people to have a place to express themselves. Santiago has a profound love for writing so he made sure to include the movie theater. The mall has had many renovations because Roberto Santiago believes that it is vital for the mall to stay up to date. He wants the mall to always meet the needs of the people. When he discovers a need, he does the necessary work to fulfill the need. Roberto Santiago is dedicated to satisfying all of the mall’s valued customers.


Roberto Santiago: Manaira Mall Owner Helps Create Different Opportunities

Those who visit the Manaira Mall can all be going there for vastly different reasons and still get exactly what they need. Roberto Santiago made sure of this when he created the mall so he would be able to cater to all of the needs of the people who he was trying to help with the shopping opportunities they had. He didn’t want the mall to be a place where people could just come to shop. Instead, he wanted Manaira Mall to be about a lifestyle. He hoped he could cater to those who wanted to shop, those who wanted to be entertained and those who needed a place to stay while they were doing all of the things Manaira Mall had to offer. It was a way for Roberto Santiago to make a difference in the area of Brazil that he lived in so he could help other people with these issues.


Shopping is always something others can use. Roberto Santiago knew this and continues to make that a part of his business. Whether it is shopping for clothes or something that is more exclusive, Roberto Santiago wanted to cater to those customers with the mall he had. It was part of the initiative he had for the mall so he would have the chance to be as successful as possible. Since Roberto Santiago knew what he needed to do, he felt confident he would be able to offer all of his customers the things that would make their shopping experience the best that it could be.


As far as entertainment went, Roberto Santiago knew that many malls had tired entertainment opportunities. People were bored of the movie theaters and arcades that most malls had. Instead, they wanted something different. That chance came in the form of a convention center on the roof of the mall. It was a way for people to really get something different. Roberto Santiago knew the Manaira Mall had a lot of changes for people to try different things. Since Roberto Santiago did this with the mall, he was setting himself apart from all of the other people who had malls. He gave himself the entertainment advantage that no other malls were able to use.


Even when things got hard for Roberto Santiago, he came up with new and innovative ideas. One of the things he recently did was create a hotel that is connected to his mall. He wanted the hotel to be close by so people wouldn’t have to worry about where they were going to stay. This was especially helpful for the people who were coming to the mall as tourists and were wanting to spend a lot of time visiting Manaira.


It Is Troy McQuagge All The Way At the One Planet Awards For 2016

The CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. is Troy McQuagge. The entire firm along with him is excited as the Gold Winner of the highly prestigious One Planet℠ Awards gets announced. It is important to realize here that these are highly coveted awards as they are premier awards that are given on a global level.These awards are honoring professional excellence. This can be in any industry and from any place around the world. This gives a fair idea about the kind of competition that these awards offer. Hence winning this award is a highly prestigious feat for anybody. In addition, any kind of organization from anywhere around the world can submit its nominations. There are no restrictions regarding the size or kind of firm. This means that public, as well as private companies, can submit nominations. Also, profit- earning or non-profit is equally eligible to apply. Large companies, small companies as well as new start-ups share these eligibility criteria.

It was in 2010 that Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Inc. He immediately set to work as he wanted to turn his company. His first focus was on re-building the distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. This was a low lying fruit for the company. Hence he started with his work here.Troy McQuagge was able to achieve stupendous success as he re-tooled Advisors. This was the main reason behind his election as the President and CEO of this company. This promotion came about in 2014. It was during Troy’s tenure that USHEALTH Group, Inc. was able to achieve unprecedented growth as well as profitability. Do note that achieving success in the health insurance market is not easy as it is a highly competitive industry.Find him on Facebook:

But Troy McQuagge has never been the one to give up. It is Troy’s leadership skills and strategic mindset that has helped the USHEALTH Group, Inc. to achieve this kind of success and growth.With this award, the entire company is elated as this award makes each one of them a winner. This can even be considered as a testament since the company is continually committed to resolving various healthcare problems of its customers. This is being achieved by providing them highly innovative coverage. In fact, this coverage grows as the healthcare needs of its clients grow.These One Planet Awards are meant to recognize companies for their professional achievements as well as excellence. There are a number of categories in which these awards are given. These are executives, teams, besides new products and another one for services, PR, in addition to Marketing, along with Corporate Communications. Hence the competition is tough and winning anything here is a true achievement.

How Sujit Choudhry Is Building Constitutional Government

The Professor Of Constitutional Law

As a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of universities throughout the Western world, Sujit Choudhry is well versed in constitutional law. This expertise has allowed him to work as a professor of law at several North American universities including the University of Berkeley and the University of Toronto. While serving as a professor. He has taught courses discussing constitutional governments across the world and the various ways they seek to solve their issues within their societies.

Lending Advice To Developing Nations

Outside of the academic setting, Choudhry has extensive field experience as an advisor to various developing nations aiming to create their own constitutional governments. South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine are just a few of the countries that he has advised. In 2011, during the Arab Spring, he advised a number of government reformers on how to create constitutions to prevent the former abuses suffered under totalitarian regimes. Choudhry’s work does end with advising nations. He is also an active member of various NGOs and uses the knowledge he’s acquired to help these NGOs develop a better world for all.

His Latest Projects

Currently, he is involved in 3 research projects. These projects focus on the various security issues surrounding emerging constitutional governments. As the Arab Spring has proven, movements to create entirely new governments are not always successful. At times, internal struggles and actos aim to either maintain authoritarian power or establish a new totalitarian government to replace the old one. Choudhry is using these projects to understand how to ensure that countries can safely transition to constitutional governments and what signs indicate there are possibly issues involved.

Choudhry As An Author

Sujit Choudhry is also an accomplished author with a number of books discussing constitution building already published. A particular strong area of interest for Choudhry is the development of new constitutional governments. Recently, Choudhry announced plans to release a new book under the Oxford University Press discussing the constitution of India. He intends for this book to serve as a handbook to help readers understand how the government of India operates.

Learn more about Sujit Choudhry and his accomplishments here:

Workville Shared Working Spaces Excels in Coworking Real Estate


Coworking spaces are gaining popularity with small businesses in many cities across the United States, and it’s clear to see why. Not only do business owners save money on the rent and upkeep of a brick and mortar building, but there are other advantages and benefits that even surpass working at home. When you work out of your home there is always the temptation to go to the refrigerator, quit work early or be distracted by family members and what they are doing.


Coworking spaces have the advantage of quantity so that quality is improved as a result. In the beginning, it was the millennials who spearheaded the shared office space movement, and they thrived. This led more entrepreneurs to try the concept for their own business, and they found success. High-speed Internet is typically available, isolation is eliminated, there are no utility bills, and rent includes many amenities depending on the workspace community you are in.


The most significant benefit is that workers are much happier. A load of extra costs and maintenance has been lifted and they are in a professional atmosphere which encourages them to focus on their business. Workers are more creative, have a more balanced lifestyle and work more efficiently.


Workville NYC Excels in Coworking Space


Workville is a community of professionals and talented start-ups who share their workspace in Midtown West in NYC, and it is coworking space at its best. This workspace occupies the entire 21st floor of a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway, and along with the luxury environment, they offer private offices, open coworking, and dedicated spaces. As a delightful bonus, there are three terraces that allow for private conversations and outdoor sitting.


Most of the amenities are included in the cost of the rent, and they encourage new owners to submit their own bids. From their Manhattan offices for rent, Workville is open and available for workers 24/7, provides mail access, fresh coffee, high-speed internet, private local phone service, daily office cleaning and access to printing. With a lounge and café, there is plenty of room to take a breather and network with other tenants.

A Look At Mike Baur And His Latest Project

Mike Baur is a former banker from Switzerland. He grew up in the beautiful Fribourg area of Switzerland. He continues to visit his hometown a regular basis. Mr. Baur was intrigued by the art of banking and finance since he was a child. Th banking and finance sector is considered to be a boring one by many people. However, Mike found it exciting. It drove him to become a Swiss banker.


Mike Baur’s banking career represents that you can start out at the very bottom and still end up at the very top of the banking world. He began his banking career as an intern to Swiss banking giant UBS. Mr. Baur then rapidly rose through all the ranks of the banking world. His pinnacle was being an executive board member of a private bank in Switzerland. Mike had achieved the highest possible position in banking.


The year 2014, was a new beginning for Mike Baur. He decided to leave the field of banking and start his own business. That business would be called the Swiss Startup Factory.


What Is The Swiss Start Up Factory?


The Swiss Start Up Factory as its name implies is a business that aims to help start ups begin, thrive and expand in Switzerland. The company is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. It has a central location in the city with easy access by both car and public transportation from within the city.


Co-working spaces are one of the many services and amenities offered by the Swiss Start Up Factory. These are areas where entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporate workers can all work together in a highly collaborative environment. A co-working space, also called shared office space, is a great way to network. It also offers a flexible, relaxed and collaborative environment for people to work in. The Swiss Startup Factory is considered to be one of the best shared office spaces in Europe.


Besides shared office space, the Swiss Start Up Factory offers budding entrepreneurs and startups a plethora of other services. There is a special three month program that is designed to kick-start new businesses. It lasts for three months and gives those enrolled access to a vast network of capital and possible business partners. Financial advisory service is also offered by the Swiss Startup Factory. Breaking even is one of the most challenging things for a small business to due. The Swiss Startup Factory provides advice on how to balance expenses and generate revenue for startups.


Who Is Brian Torchin And What Are His Interests

Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional who works at a healthcare staffing solutions firm. He is actually a managing partner at the firm. His company offers career consultation services and search services for job seekers who want to work in the healthcare industry. His company, HCRC Staffing, has a client base of 200 and he works with a number of enterprises involved in healthcare, which includes urgent care centers and private practices.

Torchin is not only a businessman, but he is a chiropractor and has a strong interest in medicine. In fact, he became interested in medicine when he attended the University of Delaware. That is also where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Eventually he earned his chiropractic degree. The businessman still practices medicine, and he uses his experience in physical therapy and chiropractics to provide high quality care to patients.

Torchin’s Interests
Torchin is a very busy person. Asides from his day to day duties associated with running his company, he enjoys writing or blogging. In fact, he is known for consistently publishing articles on his company’s blog. His posts cover various topics, which include things such as making online marketing easier or the top interview questions that should be asked. Other topics he has covered include tips on how to hire excellent employees.

He is a caring person and a smart businessman, which is why his company is the success it is today. If anyone ever has the chance to do business with him, then they should.  Check out the full story on BitsyLink.

Sam Tabar: The New Chief in Charge

Sam Tabar’s name is coming up a lot these days and for good reason. He’s doing a lot of wonderful things and growing his career to wonderful lengths. This is the result of hard-work, dedication, commitment, and putting in the extra effort. Recently, Sam Tabar was named Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund, which means he will be the one in charge of their strategy when it comes to fund management. In a recent article which was posted here, Sam was over the moon about the chance to make a real difference for this company. Considering his reputation and what he has accomplished so far, it would be foolish to doubt him.  In fact, Sam is still raving on Twitter about how much the new position means to him.

He knows it will be a team effort and he will lean on his team as he gets started. However, there is no doubt that he will pick things up right away and make some positive changes. Sam, from his years of experience, knows that it takes a team effort to get this right. One man cannot do it all. It’s too much on one person’s plate. However, he knows that with the senior leadership team, they can make the world environmentally healthy for everyone.

That’s the kind of the guy that Sam has always been and always will be: someone that looks out for others and looks out for the betterment of mankind. This is not his first rodeo as he has spent time looking over budget strategy for financial institutions. They wouldn’t trust this kind of job to just anyone. That shows what kind of reputation and staying power that he has when he is called on to do a job. He also worked for Bank of America, helping with endowments, foundations, pensions, fund of funds and family offices. The man has tipped his toes in many waters and has tons of experience to lean on, which will help him in this venture.

In addition to that, he also was a lawyer. It’s important to know the law and how to us it properly when needed. Needless to say, he is a jack of all trades and nothing is too big or too overwhelming for Sam Tabar. That’s why he earned this honor. It wasn’t give to him and it wasn’t handed to him. He earned it based on his resume, experience, and his reputation. Everyone is excited to see how this new role will change things for the better.

The Life of John Goullet

John Goullet started his career as an IT Consultant, subsequently as an IT staffing registered representative, before determining to establish his own IT staffing firm in 1994. John Goullet concentrated his skills with Information Systems on understanding the business environment along with the IT staffing requirements of his customers, then fitting the character and work style of his advisors – along with their skillsets to satisfy the customer requirements. He acts as the Chairperson of LLC. He’s developed Information Systems into an award winning firm, twice-mentioned by Inc. journal’s Inc. 500, among the country’s fastest-developing privately-held companies. From1983 to 1986, 3 Info Solutions, Bridgewater, New Jersey. From Advisors, Isle and 1990 to 1994, New Jersey.

DIVERSANT is the biggest African-American owned IT solutions and staffing company in the United States. They focus on supplying IT ability on long-term foundation and fullfilling the requirements of the company’s Fortune 500 and midmarket customers in a variety of businesses.

On Feb 1, 2010 Information Systems Inc. and Diversant Inc. merged to create DIVERSANT, LLC. This fresh business partnership leverages the combined strengths of its forerunners, empowering them to enlarge Diversant while continuing to create alternatives that are fresh.

John is an entrepreneur that has directed the advancement of numerous enterprises that are exceptionally productive in the field. John started his professional career before changing his focus to staffing in 1994, initially operating as an IT advisor. With a clear understanding of rising market tendencies and Information Systems, an IT staffing firm that dedicated itself to supplying solutions to Fortune 500 firms nationwide was started by John. He continues to carry on his passion for creating fresh methods for fulfilling the difficulties confronting the always-changing IT market.

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Growing Wealth Fast

When you consider the current world of finances and investments, there are more than enough questions that people tend to have. Investing isn’t an exact science, but it also isn’t an art either. When you think about the complexity of everything then you will start to see just how powerful having a financial expert on your side can actually be. Instead of trying to go it by yourself, why not look to see what the real net benefits will be when you work with someone who understands you and your specific situation?

James Dondero not only realized just how important and powerful having a financial adviser that would help at the micro level would be someday, but he actually took the time to structure his organization so that they would be able to seek out individuals and help at the level where people feel like they are heard. Not only can they continue to invest with confidence, but by having an actual professional on their side to ask questions from and by being able to come up with a real strategy that works within the investing world, suddenly investments and navigating the markets doesn’t have to be a solo trip any longer.

Investing is a difficult concept because it is (for lack of a better term) a game. There are always more parties jumping into the mix and they are always making decisions that change the rest of the playing field. Because of this it can be hard to try and do investments part time, which is exactly why James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management has been able to be successful. By penetrating the markets and bringing the end users to the correct investments that make sense for them to be in at the time, they are not only investing with confidence but they are also investing with purpose.

The key to moving forward for Highland Capital is simply to continue listening to Dondero. He has had tremendous amounts of success not because he simply cracks the whip to move everyone forward, but instead he takes pauses, thinks, and makes sure that the organization is moving forward in a methodical and calculable way. Anyone can flail about and try to make something out of nothing. But, when you start to take the steps that are the most efficient within both an investing world and an organization, you can see Dondero’s strategy.

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Meet James Dondero; the Highland Capital Management CO founder and President