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Devco Project and Operation Raising Legitimate Questions with Unpaid $20 Million Loan

When an article published by Press of Atlantic City recently about an unpaid loan, people started to raise questions. Now that some time has passed and more information has come to light, even more problems appear to be arising. When you have an unpaid loan there will always be questions and concerns, but when you start to consider the fact that there is already millions of dollar of missed payments and millions more that is set to be paid in the near future, you have to wonder whether this entire deal was a sham and if it will ever come to completion or not.
Part of the problem with the current DEVCO project is that it originally started in 2007 when the financial crisis was starting to hit and therefore it was in the red right off of the bat. When you consider that the original reason for some of the excitement for the project was the anticipation that other projects would also develop and pop up in the area, the fact that the great recession hit and delayed other projects shows it may not have been Devco’s fault that this project is where it is.

When you consider the rest of the projects and designs that Devco has been involved in as of recently, there is room for hope. After all, a development company doesn’t just hinge their entire operation on one project or on one site. They have many in the works. That being said, when you have a $20 million loan with nothing but missed payments and question marks, the future of the organization starts to become a bit shaky.

At the end of the day, Devco has shown considerable progress in creating top properties, developments, and designs. That being said, when a company has questions circling and millions of dollars outstanding, there are certainly red flags being raised and it may be time to get to the bottom of the issue.

The Life of John Goullet

John Goullet started his career as an IT Consultant, subsequently as an IT staffing registered representative, before determining to establish his own IT staffing firm in 1994. John Goullet concentrated his skills with Information Systems on understanding the business environment along with the IT staffing requirements of his customers, then fitting the character and work style of his advisors – along with their skillsets to satisfy the customer requirements. He acts as the Chairperson of LLC. He’s developed Information Systems into an award winning firm, twice-mentioned by Inc. journal’s Inc. 500, among the country’s fastest-developing privately-held companies. From1983 to 1986, 3 Info Solutions, Bridgewater, New Jersey. From Advisors, Isle and 1990 to 1994, New Jersey.

DIVERSANT is the biggest African-American owned IT solutions and staffing company in the United States. They focus on supplying IT ability on long-term foundation and fullfilling the requirements of the company’s Fortune 500 and midmarket customers in a variety of businesses.

On Feb 1, 2010 Information Systems Inc. and Diversant Inc. merged to create DIVERSANT, LLC. This fresh business partnership leverages the combined strengths of its forerunners, empowering them to enlarge Diversant while continuing to create alternatives that are fresh.

John is an entrepreneur that has directed the advancement of numerous enterprises that are exceptionally productive in the field. John started his professional career before changing his focus to staffing in 1994, initially operating as an IT advisor. With a clear understanding of rising market tendencies and Information Systems, an IT staffing firm that dedicated itself to supplying solutions to Fortune 500 firms nationwide was started by John. He continues to carry on his passion for creating fresh methods for fulfilling the difficulties confronting the always-changing IT market.

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Growing Wealth Fast

When you consider the current world of finances and investments, there are more than enough questions that people tend to have. Investing isn’t an exact science, but it also isn’t an art either. When you think about the complexity of everything then you will start to see just how powerful having a financial expert on your side can actually be. Instead of trying to go it by yourself, why not look to see what the real net benefits will be when you work with someone who understands you and your specific situation?

James Dondero not only realized just how important and powerful having a financial adviser that would help at the micro level would be someday, but he actually took the time to structure his organization so that they would be able to seek out individuals and help at the level where people feel like they are heard. Not only can they continue to invest with confidence, but by having an actual professional on their side to ask questions from and by being able to come up with a real strategy that works within the investing world, suddenly investments and navigating the markets doesn’t have to be a solo trip any longer.

Investing is a difficult concept because it is (for lack of a better term) a game. There are always more parties jumping into the mix and they are always making decisions that change the rest of the playing field. Because of this it can be hard to try and do investments part time, which is exactly why James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management has been able to be successful. By penetrating the markets and bringing the end users to the correct investments that make sense for them to be in at the time, they are not only investing with confidence but they are also investing with purpose.

The key to moving forward for Highland Capital is simply to continue listening to Dondero. He has had tremendous amounts of success not because he simply cracks the whip to move everyone forward, but instead he takes pauses, thinks, and makes sure that the organization is moving forward in a methodical and calculable way. Anyone can flail about and try to make something out of nothing. But, when you start to take the steps that are the most efficient within both an investing world and an organization, you can see Dondero’s strategy.

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Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov Improves Online Education

Russian businessman Alexei Beltyukov is known for a handful of successful startups and for his philanthropy. The doctor turned businessman graduated from the INSEAD College with a degree in business after qualifying for a rare scholarship given to adult students hoping to improve their lives through an INSEAD College education.

Mr. Beltyukov is a Russian native and citizen, and continues to be heavily involved in government, business and philanthropy in his home country. He sponsors a scholarship for Russian citizens to attend and study business at INSEAD college. Alexei has also been appointed an economic development council member at the Russian Economic ministry.

One of Alexei’s startup companies is Endemic Capital, which is an angel investment firm that focuses on funding small Russian and Eastern European based startup companies. Endemic Capital helps fund innovative and creative entrepreneurs in Russia and Eastern Europe that would otherwise not be able to secure funding from traditional funding sources to grow and expand.

Another of Alexei Beltyukov‘s projects is New Gas Technologies. This company utilizes new developments in technology to derive energy from waste products in the petroleum industry. New Gas Technologies is proud to be a green company that provides additional sources of energy and jobs from a former waste product that was discarded.

Mechanicus, is another company that Alexei Beltyukov has founded. It is an auto repair shop brand that has several franchises throughout Russia. Alexei is looking to expand Mechanicus beyond Russia and into the Eastern European market into the future.

Alexei Beltyukov’s latest project is perhaps his most exciting and most meaningful. It is called Solvy and it is an online educational platform. The goal of Solvy is to help high school age students study and learn math better.

Solvy is considered revolutionary and has received the backing of educational and technology experts because it gives students the opportunity to solve problems in multiple ways. The software gives hints and tips to guide students towards the correct way of solving a problem but does not reveal the answers to them.

This new online program launched by Alexei forces students to think critically and try to solve the problem, and they must prove how they arrived at the answer. Teachers can customize the problems and material to fit the needs of their classrooms. The interactive approach for students has made it a standout new learning software. Instructors are also happy with the ease of use of the platform.

Factors that Make Manse On Marsh the top Assisted Living Facility in California

Assisted living facilities are gaining popularity these days due to the improved living conditions in the facilities. Manse On Marsh is one particular place that offers best conditions for independent and assisted living.

Services and Amenities Provided in The Manse On Marsh

The Manse On Marsh provides various services for their clients. They are unique in that they bridge the gap and combine the advantages of independent living with that of a nursing home. They provide a range of services that includes assisting their clients perform various Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as eating, bathing and dressing.

They provide various Independent Activities of Daily Living that include preparation of meals, laundry, housekeeping and chauffeured transportation. They also provide medical assistance and check-ins on their residents. They have a fitness and wellness center for the promotion of a healthier lifestyle for their residents. They also have a Lifeline alert system for swift emergency response.

The Manse on Marsh has various housing options that include; 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, companion suites and cottages. Features that are provided in the facility include TV rooms, beauty and barber shop and shared spaces for hosting parties. The outdoor environment is beautiful and the décor is done nicely. Activities that can be engaged include fitness, listening to music, book clubs, games, outings and yoga.

OurParents writes that The Manse On Marsh has expansive staffs that ensure all the amenities and services provided in the facility are efficient. They have personnel that provide assistance to the various ADL and IADL activities. They have staffs who are available during the night and nurses are available throughout. They also have visiting staffs such as Podiatrist, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists.

Testimonials of persons who have had an experience with the staff at The Manse On Marsh show them to be friendly, courteous and supportive. The facility was awarded the top most facility in central California by SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Awards.


The Manse on Marsh is located 475 Marsh St Luis Obispo, CA. There are various medical facilities around Manse On Marsh such as French Hospital Medical Center and Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. In case of urgent medical attention that requires hospitalization, a resident can be ushered quickly to the hospital.

There are various drug stores nearby. They include Longs Drug Stores California LIc, Garfield Beach Cvs and Pharmarx Pharmaceutical Inc. There are various churches close to the facility such as St Stephen’s Episcopal Church and Grace Church. There are restaurants, coffee shops and shopping places near The Manse On Marsh too.  Plus there are tons of activities offered by the facility itself.

William Skelley Named Member of Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders

Willian Skelley is a New York based alternative investment professional and also the founder of iFunding. He is known for coining the term accredited crowdfunding, a term he coined with the year 2012. It is a concept that allows accredited investors to collect small amounts of capital so that they can raise a significant amount of money and use it to make an investment that an individual cannot have access. The organization he founded, iFunding, is an online based real estate crowdfunding platform. Before founding iFunding he worked as a principal at Rose Park Advisors. He has worked with various organizations such as General Electric, Bain Capital, and as an advisor of several start-up companies. CrowdfundInsider tells us William was recently made a member of the exclusive group of “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.”

iFunding held its annual dinner in New York. The dinner was an only invite association that was put together by Michael Stoler. Michael Stoler is the MD of Madison Reality Capital and a host of weekly television show “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report.” The organizers invited some of the biggest names from top real estate companies around the world such as Kushner Companies, CIT, Bank of America, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch and Carlyle Group.

CNBC discovered that William Skelley is among the first people that took advantage of the Title II ruling of the JOBS Act in 2012 and set up iFunding based on the concept of real estate crowdfunding. iFunding is now recognized as one of the most successful online real estate platforms for crowdfunding. They are involved in facilitating debt and raising preferred equity for a broad range of real estate properties such as multi-family residences and apartment house estates, apartment towers, hotels and resorts, retail locations, malls, offices, single-family homes, and mixed-use buildings.

At the organization, Skelley described in an interview that he is responsible for overseeing business development activities. He has overseen more than 40 real estate projects with an estimated value of more than 250 million. iFunding is open for investors who are interested in high-quality real estate deals with a minimum of $5000 capital. The organization is responsible for overseeing the deals throughout its lifespan. One of the aspects that have made iFunding to grow and be successful is because they provide comprehensive details and transparency to each investor on how their investment are being utilized.

William Skelley will participate in one episode of The Stoler Report in the Spring of 2016.  Be sure to watch for an announcement on the iFunding Facebook, which Skelley himself maintains.

Philanthropist Shah Offers Advice For Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Radio recently sat down and had a talk with Sanjay Shah. Entrepreneurial Podcast is a way that business and finance professionals can sit down and offer advice and guidance to those who wish to join their ranks as business owners and leaders. Mr. Shah is well qualified to speak on this show for not only the thirteen plus businesses he runs in London, but also for his work as founder of the charity Autism Rocks.

Mr Shah started his career in medicine but decided it was not right for him. He commenced a career in investment banking where he learned how to grow wealth and run a large corporation. He was facing layoff and decided to start his own company, Solo Capital. This brokerage began with four to five employees and now has more than 50.

In more recent years he is best known for his founding and work with Autism Rocks. This organization offers advice and information for families, parents, and patients who have autism. He feels that the most invaluable thing he can offer these individuals is the knowledge to know how to fight and tackle this disease.

His hope is that through the yearly concert proceeds, donations and information he can help researchers to find a cure for autism. He was most moved to help find a cure when his own son was diagnosed with the disease at the tender age of 4. Shah realized that while he had been donating money to help the cause, he did not really know much about autism or its secondary complications.

When asked in the interview about business in general and how to start one, he offered some sage advice. First and foremost is to never think that one has enough money. Something will always come up and expenses can get out of hand. Secondly he warns to not take on too much responsibility.

Shah warns that a business has many aspects and many chores to be done. No one person should try to tackle all of these responsibilities alone. Be sure to have a support system and some help when just getting started.


Dick DeVos Takes The Lauderdale Cup

There is just something majestic about watching sailboats. I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid. The idea of using some cloth to harness the wind to take you where you want to go seems almost magical. Even as an adult I’m still enthralled. I was a volunteer for several years with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and I was always eager to go out on patrols of Lake Michigan and watch the regattas. And it seems that the love of sailing appeals to men and women from many walks of life, as in the case of one of the richest men in America, billionaire Dick DeVos who along with his team Volpe recently won the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club on April 3rd, 2016.

Far more than just a competitive sailor, DeVos is a remarkably successful businessman and entrepreneur whose business ventures have included Dick’s time at Amway, owning the NBA franchise the Orlando Magic, and the investment management firm The Windquest Group. Dick DeVos has also been active in the political arena, having been elected to the Michigan State Board of Education, an appointment to the Grand Valley State University Board of Control, and even made a run in 2006 for the office of Governor of Michigan.

Dick DeVos also contributes greatly to the community. DeVos’s philanthropic works include work with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation which raises money for a wide variety of charitable and civic organizations including children’s hospitals, artistic development programs, scholarships and grants to countless schools, colleges, and universities.

While I myself do not have a yacht or a beautiful sailboat of my own, I am still able to enjoy watching the races. In the distance I can watch the men and women pulling at the lines, trying their best to win their race. In the end, the sailors are people like everyone else, and occasionally you find out that behind the scenes are doing far more to help anyone than you’ll ever know. And frankly that fills me with great contentment.

Keith Mann – Identifying Excellence In Business Employees

Keith Mann promotes innovation in business through funding the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The goal of the award is to identify graduating high school students who will become the next generation of business leaders. The hope is that these students will become business leaders who will initiate cutting edge of business strategies and implement many business innovations.

Uncommon Schools benefits from Keith Mann’s generosity. Keith Mann is a philanthropist who provides the funding for a scholarship program at Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools opens and manages urban charter public schools. Currently, Uncommon Schools manages 44 public schools and serve 14,000 students in grades from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The schools are located in New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The challenge for the public schools is to elevate students’ academic achievement. The educational programs in Uncommon Schools attempts to help low-income students prepare for college and ultimately graduate from college. With a college degree, these students are prepared to succeed professionally. Keith Mann helps achieve this challenge through his scholarship program. The students, who apply for this scholarship, are asked to write a 1,000 word paper on how the academic achievement of a college degree will provide the basis for achieving professionally in adulthood. The scholarship is open to graduating seniors studying at the Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. The winning scholarship provides the graduating senior with $5,000 in scholarship money towards college tuition.

Keith Mann has worked for 15 years identifying business employees with potential for becoming business leaders. He strives to identify excellence in business potential, and he pairs these individuals with companies that are in need of business leaders. Keith Mann is a dynamic businessman who specializes in hiring strategies and hedge fund compensation. In 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice, which is within the Dynamic Executive Search. Between 2006 and 2009, Mann expanded the business and established Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Currently, he manages DSP, which works with firms to identify excellence in business performance of potential employees throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

NJ Dentist Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Help Kids

A New Jersey dentist wants to raise money to help people in impoverished nations suffering from dental and facial deformities. Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise at least $2,000 for Operation Smile. The funds would go to help this international medical charity work with local medical professionals to provide free surgeries for children and young adults afflicted by cleft palate, cleft lips, and other ailments.

Operation Smile was established in 1982 by Bill and Kathy McGee. In the early days, the organization helped children in the Philippines. Today, Operation Smile has grown into a global organization with thousands of volunteers.  Operation Smile works in conjunction with various hospitals, medical professionals, and government organizations to provide effective care and treatment to those in need.

Avi Weisfogel, DDS, is based in Old Bridge, a township in northeastern New Jersey located 20 miles from New York City. He established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and is also the owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He has lectured extensively on how dentists can help people suffering from sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, and on the establishment of sleep labs.

He later received his dental degree from NYU’s College of Dentistry. Weisfogel says his passion for helping others, especially children, led him to set up the GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile.

Those who wish to donate to Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile can do so by going to the original article below: