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Bob Vasquez Helps Patients using Nutrimost Program for Weight Loss

A guy named Bob Vasquez on twitter, is a medical doctor working and living in San Antonio. He has dedicated his life to helping overweight individuals and other weight patients learn how to manage their weight. This includes a proper weight loss program and tips on how to maintain desired weight. Vasquez works with Nutrimost weight loss program in the city, an affiliate of the national Nutrimost weight loss program.
Vasquez got involved in the State College Nutrimost program after using it successfully solved his own weight loss issues. In addition, apart from losing weight; he also became healthier and solved his asthma, allergies and headache problems. Afterwards, he decided to become an advocate of the national program and introduced it to his clients. Vasquez explained how he struggled with his weight for years having tried various other approaches all to no avail.

However, as luck would have it, Vasquez stumbled upon the weight loss program from Nutrimost and decided to give it a try. He amazingly lost about 35 pounds in just 40 days. In total, he ended up losing 60 pounds and has been able to retain his new weight to date. Today, he runs a team of dedicated coaches who help patients lose and manage their new weight. The program also helps to reduce type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, low energy and psoriasis.

Vasquez’s Five Healthy Lifestyle Tips

1. Eat Organic

He advices all his patients to eat organic food. These are foods that are free from harmful chemicals that affect weight and health. USDA approved foods are good for consumption.

2. Eat Vegetables

Consumption of more vegetables and fibers reduces chronic health conditions.

3. Understand Sugars

By understanding sugars, people will be able to consume healthy sugary foods and avoid processed sugary foods.

4. Learn Healthy Foods

Learn which types of foods allow one to lose weight.

5. Body Composition Analysis

Getting a total body composition analysis of weight, body mass index as well as body water and fat percentage helps to determine weight loss goals.

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