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Alexei Beltyukov: succeeding, leading and teaching the new Russian economy

The dissolution of the Soviet Union set off external and internal shock waves. The shift From a state-supported economy to a new found capitalist opportunity-rich environment ended some careers and unleashed a cascade of new ones. Alexei Beltyukov is a success model of that sea change.

His career in socialized medicine came to an end along with that system. He wasted no time and went to work for one of Russia’s new financial managers and soon proved his worth. He was offered an opportunity to go on his own and did so.

Prior to the end of the USSR, Russian automobiles were the subject of comedy and worldwide ridicule. The importation of American, Japanese and European makes soon made the necessity of professional repair for Fords, Toyotas and others a reality. was started by Alexei to set up quality, licensed repair franchises to meet the needs of new car owners.

One of the many positive traits of entrepreneurs is the ability to perceive the need for a service or product, develop a solid business plan and obtain financing. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov: anticipated the need for repairs and maintenance of non-Russian produced vehicles and more than met that need with many successful franchise opportunities for Russian business owners and their employees

In a time where many new Russian financial oligarchs were ordering yachts by the dozen, Alexei Beltyukov put his business education and MBA from INSEAD, the “World’s Business School” and personal success to different uses than extravagance. He established Endemic Capital to recruit, educate and finance other new entrepreneurs. “Angel investors” of his kind are making innovation and invention regular events in the Russian business world.

According to Adweek, Teaching new businesses how to succeed and then participate with the incubator mode of development has been one of Alexi Beltyukov’s passions and his genius has translated itself into success for many others who will hopefully follow his example.