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A Look At Mike Baur And His Latest Project

Mike Baur is a former banker from Switzerland. He grew up in the beautiful Fribourg area of Switzerland. He continues to visit his hometown a regular basis. Mr. Baur was intrigued by the art of banking and finance since he was a child. Th banking and finance sector is considered to be a boring one by many people. However, Mike found it exciting. It drove him to become a Swiss banker.


Mike Baur’s banking career represents that you can start out at the very bottom and still end up at the very top of the banking world. He began his banking career as an intern to Swiss banking giant UBS. Mr. Baur then rapidly rose through all the ranks of the banking world. His pinnacle was being an executive board member of a private bank in Switzerland. Mike had achieved the highest possible position in banking.


The year 2014, was a new beginning for Mike Baur. He decided to leave the field of banking and start his own business. That business would be called the Swiss Startup Factory.


What Is The Swiss Start Up Factory?


The Swiss Start Up Factory as its name implies is a business that aims to help start ups begin, thrive and expand in Switzerland. The company is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. It has a central location in the city with easy access by both car and public transportation from within the city.


Co-working spaces are one of the many services and amenities offered by the Swiss Start Up Factory. These are areas where entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporate workers can all work together in a highly collaborative environment. A co-working space, also called shared office space, is a great way to network. It also offers a flexible, relaxed and collaborative environment for people to work in. The Swiss Startup Factory is considered to be one of the best shared office spaces in Europe.


Besides shared office space, the Swiss Start Up Factory offers budding entrepreneurs and startups a plethora of other services. There is a special three month program that is designed to kick-start new businesses. It lasts for three months and gives those enrolled access to a vast network of capital and possible business partners. Financial advisory service is also offered by the Swiss Startup Factory. Breaking even is one of the most challenging things for a small business to due. The Swiss Startup Factory provides advice on how to balance expenses and generate revenue for startups.