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5 Investing Tips from Investment Banker Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler, the head of Forefront Management Group, an investment bank that also manages money for institutional funds and the wealthy, has published an article giving his 5 tips on investing.

Reifler has been concerned about the ways ordinary people have to invest ever since his 529 college savings plan was worth less than it began with when his two of his daughters needed money to attend college. But the second event shocked him even more. When his father-in-law turned 80, he gave Brad his life’s savings to invest for him. However, most of the techniques and strategies his wife’s father wanted Brad to use for him were not available because he was not an accredited investor.

After that, Reifler began a public fund that would make money like the wealthiest people and yet still be open to ordinary such as his father-in-law.

According to Twitter Reifler’s first tip is to be careful. Consider the risk. Look at all the expenses. Ordinary, actively-managed open-end mutual funds have a lot of expenses people don’t understand. Depending on what they invest in, there may be a lot more risk than the average person realizes. Start out by creating a balance sheet of your personal assets and liabilities. Using that, decide what are good investing goals for you.

The second tip is to care about the safety of your money.

Three: Diversify. There are other places to put your money into besides the stock market. Don’t depend on it alone.

Four: Do your due diligence on the manager of any fund you put your money into. If you don’t trust them, don’t hand your money over to them.

Five: Keep your mind on why you are investing. Remember your goals. And when you find a fund or strategy that works, stick with it.

Reifler adds that he wants his fund to be for the ordinary investor, not like Wall Street. has more on Brad, and his tips.  But for the full picture, read the Reuters reports for yourself.

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