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Expansion of Hawaiian Bottled Water Continues

Bottled water has been one of the largest, and most hated, players in the beverage industry. Each day over 60 million plastic bottles ends up in incinerators and landfills every day. The total being over 22 billion water bottles disposed of each year, six times more being thrown away compared to 1997.

Turning the Industry on Its Head

The decline in popularity for bottled water left a hole in the market which Ryan Emmons took head on as an opportunity. According to Global News Wire, he focused on bringing a sustainable product to the market taking environmental measures and presenting consumers with unique health benefits for his Waiakea water brand.

When he first entered the industry, he faced the contempt of the reputation often associated with bottled water, but ever since starting has only been met with success.

His company has grown by 4000% since he co-founded it in 2012 when he was only 22 years of age. Emmons’ company has continued to see an annual growth rate of 170% and selling just 2,304 cases annually to 122,400 over just three and a half years.

Local distributors and accounts have begun to sign-up with the company including even bigger players in the industry like Whole Foods. The company is currently valued at $10 million.

What’s So Unique About the Water?

The Waiakea springs are home to the pure, naturally alkaline water that has gained so much traction in the last few years. Emmons discovered he and his family had access to the naturally pure and sustainable water source, realizing it was a discovery to be shared with the world.

The water itself comes from one pristine source located southwest of a town called Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. The water is filtered through thousands of feet inside the Mauna Loa volcano.

This natural filtration gives the water a unique mineral composition rich in calcium, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Ideal amounts of silica give each mouthful of water a silky and soft taste. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The company has continued to be eco-conscious in their endeavors while selling the unique water. PR News Wire reveals that Waiakea Water is sourced from an aquifer with a 1.4-billion-gallon recharge rate and the facility where the bottles are manufactured uses 33% renewable energy.

Flavio Maluf Has The Leadership Skills To Help Eucatex Grow

Eucatex is a building supply company that has sold many of the parts that were used to help Brazil get ready for the World Cup and the Olympics at He is one of the people who has been a part of the family company since he was born, but he took an interesting path to help the company become as powerful and strong as it is today. Eucatex is getting bigger with the help of a lot of new initiatives that all come from the mind of Flavio Maluf.

The Eucatex brand is one that people have heard of in Brazil. They will see the advertising for the brand everywhere, and the people that like Eucatex are now able to buy the brand in stores to renovate their own homes on It is something that people can use because they are growing their own homes, and businesses can do the same thing at retail if they want.

Flavio Maluf was asked to go to university to make sure that he got the best education he could get, but he did not want to take the same path that other people in his family had taken. Flavio Maluf has an engineering degree, but he wanted to work in the banking industry to see if he could learn about finance. Learning about finance made him a much better potential leader before he came back to Eucatex to work in management. Maluf just waited to rise to the top of the company, and now he can use his engineering degree to help the company make new products.

The career of Flavio Maluf is interesting and various. He has the knowledge it takes to make new building products, and he has the business skills to market them. He is going to make sure that the company can make new products for the people while helping build new projects in Brazil.

Norman Pattiz and The Beyond Darkness Podcast

The new trending podcast, “Beyond the Darkness”, explores the paranormal in a refreshing yet creative way. The release of the podcast was announced by Norman Pattiz, chairman and founder of PodcastOne, the largest advertiser-oriented podcast platform in America. This is a new show on Chris Jericho’s podcast platform that operates under the wing of Podcast One. The Podcast features entertaining and enlightening conversations involving reputable researchers who challenge your thoughts on ghouls, ghosts, monster encounters, angels, aliens, demons, miracles, and mysteries. The podcast is hosted by radio hosts Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. According to reports, new episodes will air on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes every Monday.


Norman Pattiz Speaks Out About Beyond Darkness


Norman Pattiz acknowledged that Chris, the WWE star, was one of the icons at PodcastOne network. He further remarked that he was sure Jericho’s Network would soon be more than wrestling stuff. Chris has already brought comedy, and is now venturing into paranormal activities with his new release, “Beyond the Darkness”.


Chris Jericho Comments About His New Podcast


Chris Jericho was quoted saying he was stoked and a bit scared to declare the inclusion of Beyond the Darkness to the Jericho Network. He noted that, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are part of the broadcasting crew, and attract a large following which trusts and believes in their content. Jericho was hopeful that his paranormal edition would grow the audience of his podcast network.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of Podcast One. With over 40 years in radio syndication, Norman also established Westwood One, becoming the largest provider of sports, traffic programming, and entertainment in U.S.A. Westwood One owned NFL Football, CBS News, Super Bowl, CNN Radio, among other syndicated music and talk programs. Norman established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 to produce and distribute quality programs. PodcastOne was introduced two years later, and is America’s top audio programming producer. Currently, Podcast One features the likes of Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Larry King, and Chris Jericho.


Pattiz has worked for the Broadcasting Board of Governors under President Clinton, and also under President Bush. The Board oversees all non-military broadcasts in America including Voice of America, Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Europe. Pattiz was also responsible for airing America’s Arabic radio and television programmes to the Middle East nations. He also promoted Farsi language to Iran, and was able to capture an audience in excess of 40 million.


Pattiz has received numerous awards including the famous Giants of Broadcasting Award, a product by the Library of American Broadcasting. Norman is the chair of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. Norman also participates in the Pacific Council on International Relations.


CEO Of A World Class Oil And Gas Producer And Well Drilling Servicer: Business As Usual For The Illustrious CEO–Anthony Petrello

Persons everywhere, interested in attaining top, authoritative, leadership roles, within world-class, international organizations–continually ask the question: What does it take? In response to it: It essentially takes talent, skill and a spirit of “sticking to the matters at hand.” This is not the road for lightweights, by any means. It is a road for skilled and thoughtfully resourceful visionaries: persons with vision and genius–such as Anthony Petrello.

First off, the organization, which Anthony Petrello, provides leadership, as its CEO is a very progressive, “second-to-none,” provider of well-drilling services and equipment: Nabors Industries, Ltd.

Find more details about Tony Petrello on LinkedIn and MarketWatch.

The company offers specialty services, off-shore services and onshore services. It provides these fundamental services and equipment, in the United States, and within many nations. Its constant companion is the “globe.” This is a very important industry. The person, providing leadership in this area, needs to understand the importance of precision placement, when creating the well; the standard, as it applies to placement, and the requirement of possessing the best technology, with regard to the task at hand.

The Nabors Industries, Ltd., story is out in the field–truly. In order to stay successful, Anthony Petrello, fully realizes that the best in field-operation technology is used. He is put to the test of assuring that the operations of the field run with the highest standards as to efficiency. The preceding means that the equipment provided must allow for precise placement; and rapid deployment.

Wellbore placement, Anthony Petrello, fully knows, is once again, a crucial element in drilling wells which are productive and safe. The best technology assures that the risk is greatly reduced as it pertains to poor wellbore placement. When the placement is precise, what results is that of an increase in oil and gas tertiary recovery.

Suffice it to say: it takes a great deal of thought and ingenuity–when addressing the challenges associated within the industry of oil and gas. However, true to form, Anthony Petrello, easily “steps up to the plate.”

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Court Settlement Continues Between Bruce Levenson and AIG Insurance

Bruce Levenson recently sold his shares of the Atlanta Hawks franchise to Tony Ressler and company after owning them for 12 years. According to, in the midst of this sale, Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment chose not to retain General Manager Danny Ferry, and as a result he filed a claim with the AHBE’s insurance company. The insurance company has not paid any amount to Ferry thus far despite AHBE’s attorneys stating that the insurance company was obligated to play the claim due to Ferry meeting the policy regulations. Levenson and AHBE have decided to take the insurance company to court to sue for damages.

Levenson is a longtime businessman with a background in journalism. He got a degree in the field from Washington University and for a few years contributed at the Washington Star. He also has a J.D. from American University but has never practiced law. Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a company out of Levenson’s own home, and it became known as Unified Communications Group (UCG), a company that’s spread its influence all around the globe. UCG publishes newsletters of various industries and is also the parent company to GasBuddy, an app designed to help drivers locate cheap fuel prices. Levenson is also on the Board of Directors at TechTarget and BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson is the founder of several philanthropy groups ( in Washington D.C. including Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball association that hosts tournaments in the D.C. area, and “I Have a Dream” Foundation which helps raise scholarship funds for inner city children to attend university. Levenson is also a supporter of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in large part due to his family history, and he helped launch the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. He’s also a member of the SEED Foundation and Birthright Israel.


Alexei Beltyukov: succeeding, leading and teaching the new Russian economy

The dissolution of the Soviet Union set off external and internal shock waves. The shift From a state-supported economy to a new found capitalist opportunity-rich environment ended some careers and unleashed a cascade of new ones. Alexei Beltyukov is a success model of that sea change.

His career in socialized medicine came to an end along with that system. He wasted no time and went to work for one of Russia’s new financial managers and soon proved his worth. He was offered an opportunity to go on his own and did so.

Prior to the end of the USSR, Russian automobiles were the subject of comedy and worldwide ridicule. The importation of American, Japanese and European makes soon made the necessity of professional repair for Fords, Toyotas and others a reality. was started by Alexei to set up quality, licensed repair franchises to meet the needs of new car owners.

One of the many positive traits of entrepreneurs is the ability to perceive the need for a service or product, develop a solid business plan and obtain financing. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov: anticipated the need for repairs and maintenance of non-Russian produced vehicles and more than met that need with many successful franchise opportunities for Russian business owners and their employees

In a time where many new Russian financial oligarchs were ordering yachts by the dozen, Alexei Beltyukov put his business education and MBA from INSEAD, the “World’s Business School” and personal success to different uses than extravagance. He established Endemic Capital to recruit, educate and finance other new entrepreneurs. “Angel investors” of his kind are making innovation and invention regular events in the Russian business world.

According to Adweek, Teaching new businesses how to succeed and then participate with the incubator mode of development has been one of Alexi Beltyukov’s passions and his genius has translated itself into success for many others who will hopefully follow his example.

Todd Lubar- Business and Mortgage Mogul

In 1995, Todd Lubar entered into the real estate world with his love of the business. He knew from the time he was little that he wanted to make a name for himself and that he would do anything in his power to be something that many other people couldn’t. He entered into the world with a job in the real estate world with Crestar Mortgage corp. He was determined to learn anything there was to know and for this reason, he quickly moved into the conservative world of banking. This experience led him to develop life long connections with agents in the real estate world, CPA’s as well as insurance agents. All of these relationships would help him to become a name in the business that most people know.

It didn’t take very long for Todd to make more advancements in the world of banking and mortgages. In 1999, Todd landed a position with the Legacy Financial Group. From there he would open the business, Legendary Properties LLC. This is a company that focuses on residential development. In 2003, Todd went on to open Charter Funding, this subsidiary is one of the biggest mortgage companies that is privately held within the United States. Since he was able to do all of this, he decided to expand once again, even further.

According to, when the market started to struggle in 2008, Todd opted to look into starting other businesses. One of those businesses was a demolition business where he used a number of larger contractors around the country to start demolitions. It wasn’t too long before he begun getting involved in the scrap metal business and so on. He currently is living in Maryland and also has 2 children. He spends a good amount of time traveling so that he can see other places and see what else he might want to invest in.

Visit Todd’s personal website at

View his profile for more info.

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How EOS Lip Balm Became The New Lip Balm Of Choice

Few beauty startups have managed to completely take over an entire industry in just a few years. However, when EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky boldly set out take on the unimaginative world of lip balm, they hit the jackpot.

The company, now worth $250 million, had a simple idea when they were trying to decide on a new product to launch. They challenged themselves to offer an alternative to Chapstick, the 100-year-old company that had dominated the lip balm industry, with a new product that would be drastically different in every way.

What EOS created was a lip balm that looked radically unique in its packaging. Instead of packaging their product in yet another cylindrical tube, they opted for spheres in different shades of bright pastels.

Another decision that would set EOS lip balms apart from its competitors was creating a unique formula. These lip balms use only natural ingredients, appealing to health-conscious beauty consumers.

Mehra, Teller and Dubitsky intended for their product to appeal to women. For a century, lip balms were a unisex product with every brand’s packaging looking almost exactly the same. By offering pastel-colored balls, women now see EOS lip balms as a fashion accessory as much as a lip moisturizer.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for this drug store product to become a huge success. The products made its way to large stores like Well and even online on Amazon. When Christina Aguilera and other celebrities were photographed pulling these products out of their purses, beauty industry enthusiasts all around the world took notice. Soon, EOS lip balms were being featured in high fashion magazines.

Today, the company’s founders feel optimistic about the future of their product. As the lip balm industry is set to be worth $2 billion by 2020, they feel confident that their product will continue to rise. With innovative thinking and a flare for marketing, these entrepreneurs plan to continue to take the lip balm industry by storm for years to come.


The Life of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was interview by Ideamensch on 9th December 2016. He was asked where he got the idea for Hager Pacific Properties. Adam said that he had come to the country to get a higher education. He got his MBA in entrepreneurship. Adam says that a lot of people came to the university to recruit for jobs and he realized that they did not appreciate his knowledge and experience.

According to Business Wire, Adam Milstein stated that they offered him less than what other students were making. It is at this point that he decided to go out on his own and became a real estate commercial broker. Adam says that he became an investor in real estate after three years.

Adam was asked how his typical day looked like and what he did to make it productive. Adam answered that it is hard to predict how your day will look like once you start your own business. He added that there is more structure as you complete more activities and acquire more assets. Adam realized that getting involved in philanthropy made his normal days more satisfying.

Adam Milstein was also asked how he brings ideas to life. He stated that he pushes until they become a reality. Adam added that you are supposed to do it yourself if someone else is not able to do it. Adam said that he does a lot by himself.

Milstein further added that he does a follow-up every day and does not let anything go unnoticed. Adam stated that there is a lot in the real estate sector that excites him. He is fortunate to be doing something where his passion lies.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist. He is a real estate investor from Israel. He is also the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation together with his wife in 2000. Adam was born in Haifa, Israel.

He is the son of Hillel Milstein and Eva. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics which he earned from Technion. Adam went to the University of Southern California where he earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Handy Fine-Tuning Housecleaning Bookings

Since procuring $50 million Series C venture capital funding in November 2015, two Harvard Business School graduates and founders of Handy, formerly Handybook, have been busy perfecting their model, screening professional cleaning services, refining their ordering process and building support services. Receiving an unexpected boost when chief competitor Homegrown unexpectedly closed its doors, Handy’s founders Umang Dua and CEO Olsin Hanrahan, have focused on their 28-city service portfolio before broadening the company’s reach.

But, new refinements and services, such as new furniture assembly and shopping have complimented Handy’s existing NYC home cleaning services quite nicely. With more than 1 million bookings, the future looks bright for the Uber-like model that lists customer specifications, including rooms to be cleaned and other needs, before posting the job online for bids from approved contractors.

After ironing out support systems and improving technology to manage customer relations and screening their pro service providers, Handy now stands atop the online housecleaning booking industry. The future looks bright for the New York City-based startup even as the founders have resisted the temptation to widen their service areas.

One of the biggest advancements was implementing Handy’s robust onboarding strategy in January 2016 and improving customer service, including complaint processing. Since launching in 2012, the founders have acquired two former competitors, Mopp and Exec, and seen Homework fail while Handy’s market share continues to increase.

Like most housecleaning and home service businesses, Handy has experienced its share of growing pains while learning how to convert complaints to continuous profit centers. The founders turned the corner by outsourcing customer service and implementing its proprietary virtual onboarding on a city-by-city basis.

Demand has been strong and technology has helped reduce company overhead. Kudos to the founding entrepreneurs for their ingenuity, perseverance and for the resourcefulness to recognize the need for improvements and for then implementing new systems while meeting strong demand in the home service and housecleaning sector.